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I am very disappointed and offended by the behaviour of the Foschini manager in Kimberley (Kimberley Diamond Pavilion) I think her name is Ina. On the 22 April 2017 at approximately 11h30, myself and four of my cousins visited the store.

As we were going through the store and admiring the beautiful clothes in the store, she came nearer to the area we were at and started fixing the hangers and called out some of the staff from the till to take position in the shop. (That did not bother me, because she is responsible to make sure everything runs smooth in her work place). We then left Foschini store and proceeded to other shops, when we left Truworths stores I saw her walking in the mall with a security guard and another white lady, little did we know that she actually left the store to go and mobilise security to watch our movements. The lady that was accompany her walked into Woolworths because we walked into Woolworths, I left my cousins behind to take a look at the kiddies clothes, as I was walking towards that department this lady did not see that I was walking behind her.

She then approached the ladies working at Woolworths and I overheard her saying to them here they are coming they are walking in a group. When I looked behind me it was my cousins walking towards the passage where these ladies were standing. I responded to her comment but she just walked on and did not look back and walked out of Woolworths stores. We were very offended by these bad and un-revolutionary actions and confronted the manager at Foschini whom we asked to explain to us what informed her suspicions, to even go to the extent of mobilising security in the mall to follow us.

She gave us attitude and could not careless to explain her actions. It is unfortunate that every time in this beautiful South Africa people still judge you by the colour of your skin, I can not find a better explanation to justify her actions. Should it have been white ladies her reaction would not have been the same. What can I call her RACIST.

I have been a customer at Foschini stores for so long, I have become so familiar with the staff at that store to be treated and suspected of theft by someone who's decision is influenced by race. HER ATTITUDE SUCKS!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Foschini Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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